Unlike granite, quartz is an imagination product. We can create any color, any pattern & any design of the slab, because it's just like a printing with a high end technology. All you need a creativity and machinery to make your "DREAM SLAB"

When they mix Risen, Filler & Aggregate to spread on the conveyor belt, they mix color also. If the slab is patronized one, the pattern pouring happens directly on to the conveyor belt.

There are hundreds of thousands of  color and pattern quartz slabs available all over the world. You cannot have everything. Please select your slabs according to your taste, combination of the cabinets & floor and with your budget. We are there to help You to choose your counter. GOOD LUCK...

When You ask for a Quote, Please specify your color taste and select at least 2 to 4 sample numbers from the below samples 

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